Radiesse® and Radiesse®+

Radiesse® is a dermal filler made of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) made to replace volume loss in the face, back of the hands and different body parts. It also has the unique quality of promoting new collagen and elastin formation around the area of injections which leads to wrinkle reduction and overall skin tightening. Radiesse®+ has a small amount of lidocaine included to improve comfort during injections.

Where and Why Do We Use Radiesse®?

  • Different parts of the face like: chin, smile lines, pre-jowls, and marionette lines.
  • In the Neck for skin lifting and tightening. 
  • The back of the hands to correct volume loss. 
  • Different body parts like abdomen, arms, and glutes for lifting and tightening

What are the Benefits of Radiesse®?

It provides both immediate and natural-looking results, with long-term improvement of overall skin texture and wrinkle reduction.

What is the MOST Important Information
You Should Know About Radiesse® and Radiesse®+?

  • With all procedures that involve injections through the skin, there is a risk of infections.
  • If you have a skin infection, wait until it has healed. 
  • RADIESSE® and RADIESSE® (+) can be seen in X-rays and CT Scans. It is very important that you tell your health care provider that you have had RADIESSE® or RADIESSE® (+) dermal filler. 
  • If you have a history of herpes, you may experience a herpes breakout after receiving RADIESSE® or RADIESSE® (+). 
  • Injection in the back of the hand may result in temporary difficulty performing activities. RADIESSE® may cause nodules, bumps or lumps in the back of the hand and can last up to 1 year. 
  • You should minimize strenuous activity and avoid extensive sun or heat exposure for about 24-hours after treatment and until any swelling or redness has resolved.


Before and After Images from Radiesse usage.

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